Share files between mac and pc over home network

Did you know that you could share files between your Mac and PC or vice-versa wirelessly? Better still, you don't have to use a third-party app.
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Insert one end of an Ethernet cable in your PC and the other end in your Mac.

How to Add a Mac to a Home Group in Windows 7

Turn on both computers. Make a note of your Workgroup name and computer name as you will need this information when connecting to your PC from your Mac. David Wayne has been writing since , with technology columns appearing in several regional newspapers in Texas. Wayne graduated from the University of Houston in , earning a Bachelor of Arts in communications.

Besides, you have to enter your user account and password to confirm the process. Once the connection is made, all the shared folders will be readily available at your disposal. Step 3. Next, you need to check the box next to File Sharing.

How to Wirelessly Share Files Between Mac and PC Without Any App

Then, click on Options…. Step 4. Next up, you have to check box for the user account you want to share with a Windows computer. Step 5. Up next, press option key and click on Wi-Fi icon.

Then, note down the IP address. Step 6. Then, click on OK.

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Next, enter your Mac account and password. Once done, you will be able to access the files of the shared account on your PC with ease. The process of sharing files from PC to Mac is just as simple, once you have done the workaround…. It is visible but not accessible.

I have been using this method for many years, most recently with a new It was working in December. Now, however, perhaps after the Microsoft security update yesterday, it does not work from Vista, XP or 7. I have tried Panther, Leopard and Lion and server and I hit a problem with all regarding file permissions. Any clues of how to solve — I have searched the internet for an answer. Having the same problem as Chuck. Large files or large amount of smaller files trying to copy to a Windows share and get the same error.

Grab some large files and copy to that Windows folder. Hope you could help me. Works fine between Lion and XP — watch the switch from forward to backward slashes though when entering the IP address. Yeah but be warned!!!! Lion On the Windows side, I highly recommend mapping a network drive so that you can access the Mac without having to reenter the IP and credentials on each connection. Works with OS X Name required. Mail will not be published required.

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Transfer files between Mac and PC through ETHERNET in 2 Minutes - 2019

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Share Files from Mac to PC

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Connect to the Mac File Share from a Windows PC

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