How to write division sign on mac

If you look very closely you will see that Numbers (and possibly other programs) converts the / to an obelus (÷) and it is not a +.
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Insert a mathematical equation in OneNote for Mac - OneNote for Mac

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  1. Multiply and Divide With the Asterisk and Slash Keys.
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  5. Insert and edit an equation;

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Mac 101: Inserting or typing uncommon characters

If you use Space or any other character that cannot be combined, they will show up like before. Seeing how the aforementioned behavior with combining characters is a relatively radical change, you might want to keep your regular layout, though. You can also switch backwards in case you have many entries with Win Shift Space.

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excel won't accept division in formula

In Obelus Wiki , it is written: So, how do you generate this symbol? Der Hochstapler Ensure Numlock is on, then hold Alt and type on the keypad not the numbers above the letters , then release alt I had to connect my external keyboard to get numpad. The basic US keyboard layout does not contain this key mapping: Daniel B Daniel B 34k 7 63 Jukka K.