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Running Windows lets you play PC games that haven't been ported to the Mac, or stay Allow VirtualBox to create a virtual hard drive using the default setting.
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It might be worth investigating, however, as a bit version of your virtualized OS can use more than 4GB of memory if you plan to dedicate that much to your OS-in-an-OS. If you can get to 8GB, even better.

How to install Windows 10 on a Mac (using VirtualBox)

But not quite. You can adjust these settings now via the System and Display menus. A snapshot allows you to save and restore the state of the virtual machine at any point. So, once you have your fresh version of the operating system installed, take a snapshot.

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If you muck up your virtual machine or want to revert it back to its pure, untouched state without having to reinstall your operating system , you can just restore your snapshot. The A.

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How to run Windows 10 on your Mac for free

Share This Story. Recommended Stories. A virtual machine can share accessories like printers and external storage with your Mac, and you can copy and paste between the two operating systems. You can even set up the virtual machine to use Mac keyboard shortcuts instead of their Windows equivalents. However, running a virtual machine alongside macOS needs lots of memory at least 8GB in total, and more if you want to run more than one virtual machine and at least two processor cores. Most modern Macs should run any of the virtual machine applications described here without a problem.

How to run Windows 10 on your Mac for free | Cult of Mac

When it comes to performance, Parallels Desktop is about as good as it gets for virtual machines. That means you can run most applications just fine, but demanding 3D graphics-intensive games, and other apps that place lots of demands on the CPU and GPU are still a bit of a struggle. It comes in two versions, Fusion 10, which costs about the same as Parallels Desktop, and Fusion 10 Pro, which is more expensive but adds feature aimed at enterprise customers, such as support for managing virtual servers.

That means you can run Windows and Mac apps alongside each other and switch between them seamlessly.

You can also copy and paste between Mac and Windows, share peripherals, and map Mac keyboard shortcuts in Windows. But, as with Parallels, performance in the latest games lags behind Boot Camp and may prove frustrating. They have very similar features, and cost almost the same.

Fortunately, both offer free trials — Parallels for 14 days and Fusion for 30 days — so you can download each one and try them out before making a decision on which to buy. You can then install Windows or Linux, or another version on macOS, on the other partition. If you plan to use Boot Camp Assistant to partition your main drive, remember to back it up first. Partitioning a drive is not quite major surgery, but it definitely carries the risk of losing data. Depending on how many applications you plan to install on your virtual machine and what you plan to use it for, you may need tens of gigabytes of free space on your Mac.

Install windows 10/7 on mac using virtualbox

As a first step, we recommend installing CleanMyMac X. It scans your Mac and looks for files that can be safely deleted. Best of all, you can download it free here and give it a try.

Virtual machines are the most convenient way of running a second operating system on your Mac. The ones we have highlighted here are the best VMs for Mac, so download one and give it a go. How To. Blog How To News. Hit Return or Enter to search.